• All group leaders attending and departing should check-in and out with the Ventact South office. This also applies to day visitors to the site and people leaving the site during the day who aren’t going on activities.
  • Ventact South and Kilcully Campsite recognise that participants will be thirsty, and recommend refreshment from tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks and water, as Ventact South is an alcohol/drug free weekend.
  • Ventact South has a STRICT NO tolerance approach to alcohol. Any youth or adult member(s) found to be consuming alcohol or to have consumed alcohol and is on site will be fined and their group/unit leader will informed immediately. A fine of €150 will be imposed. Any person found to have consumed alcohol will be banned from Ventact for one year and his/her Group/Unit Leader will be informed.
  • Anyone found to be in the possession or have consumed an illegal substance will be asked to leave the site once in a safe condiditon to do so and the substance will be passed onto An Garda Síochána. This person(s) Group/Unit Leader will be consulted immediately. A fine of €150 will be imposed. Anyone found to be under the infulance of drugs at Ventact will be banned.
  • All fines are given to a Cork Based Charity, this charity is selected prior to the event and changes from year to year. All issues will be dealt with in the utmost confidence.
  • Smoking is only permitted in a designated area in the campsite. This will be pointed out to you at the leaders meeting/check in on Friday Night.
  • Neckers must be worn at all times while on site. To avoid the risk of every staff member stopping you, bring a spare.
  • Kilcully Campsite encourages Recycling, so try to keep waste to a minimum and ensure that your campsite is clean.
  • Kilcully Campsite is part of a voluntary service; so do respect the staff and the campsite.
  • Please keep noise levels to a minimum after ‘LIGHTS OUT’ as Kilcully Campsite needs to maintain peaceful relations with its neighbours.
  • Please inform Ventact South staff if you or members of your group need to leave Kilcully Campsite during the weekend.
  • Smoking WILL be tolerated, in designated areas. Anyone caught smoking in the field will be sent to the smoking area….fast.
  • Smiling, dancing, and laughing WILL be tolerated.
  • Leaders are responsible for thier own participants.

Should you have any issue over the weekend please ask any staff member or pop into the office. We’re here to help!