Weekend Programme

Ventact South is an activity weekend. Activities on Friday night are based around Kilcully Scout Campsite. Normally there is a band or campfire on Friday night. On Saturday different activity centres are used. Some of the activities in the past that have been used are water skiing, horse riding, canoeing, rock climbing, zip lines, go carting, sailing. Saturday Evening involves fun games on the campsite followed by the Scout/Guides Own. This is a gathering to review the weekend and play video to recall the weekends events. The Ventact Themed Disco normally begins around 21:00. Sundays Activities vary from year to year. From Bouncy Castles to Birds of Prey and everything in between.


On the Saturday of Ventact the Participants go to different activity centres all over Cork City and County! Every Participant/Leaders taking part in activities receives a tickets. The tickets are given out at the Leaders meeting. As follows the tradition the tickets are swapped outside Kilcully House to get the activities that you want.

Timetable (A rough guide)

Ventact’s timetable varies from year to year as bigger and better ideas come forward from the committee, participants and leaders!

However this is the general formula Ventact follows!

Friday Night

  • 18:00 Check in Opens
  • 19:30 Onsite games begin/Chill Out time
  • 21:00 Campfire
  • 23:30 Leaders Meeting
  • 23:45 Activity Tickets are given out! (Swapping Time)
  • 00:30 Lights Out. shssssssss!!

Check in Traditionally Runs from 6pm to 11pm. Groups arriving after 11pm should inform the committee prior to the event so that activity tickets can be put aside.


  • 07:30 Wake Up Call... Gooooood Morning Vietnam!
  • 08:15 Opening Ceremony at flag polls
  • 08:30 Buses Depart to Activity Centres
  • 16:00 Activity Buses Begin to Return to Kilcully
  • 16:15 Onsite games and Activities Resume
  • 19:30 Scouts/Guides Own in Wet weather Shelter with Review of the Weekend (so far)
  • 21:00 Ventact Themed Disco Begins
  • 21:30 Fire Performers
  • 00:30 Disco Finishes ;(
  • 01:00 Lights Out. Shssssssss Again!


  • 08:00 Gooooooood Morning Vietnam (You will know what it is this time)
  • 09:30 Onsite Activities (Activities vary from Year to Year)
  • 12:30 Closing Ceremony (At Flag Polls)
  • 13:00 All sites to be cleared ☹️